How to Spend a Summer Vacation

Amy Short shares her early memories about the library summer reading program.

We walked everywhere. My grandmother never drove a car so we walked everywhere when I took solo visits to her small Missouri town. We walked to the grocery store, five-and-dime, bank, post office and library. She enrolled me in the summer reading program when I went for extended visits. I remember how small the library was compared to my local library. The children’s section Amy Short of The Fishin' Magicians reads books and more to dream and plan adventures.included only a few shelves with very few books but I still found books to check out and read. I had to entertain myself at her house because there were not any neighbor kids to play with nor a television to watch. I spent much of my time on a covered porch on the side of my grandmother’s house. The porch was cooled by the shade of large oak trees during the days before air conditioning. And it was the perfect spot for summer reading. Now before each summer, I spend time reading travel books, field guides and maps about places I want to visit. I search for places where I can go hiking. Maybe I enjoy hiking these days since I spent so much time walking during my younger summers.

Amy’s “antique” certificate from her local library.


Amy Short's summer reading program certificate.