Water Quality Educational Programs

We help people learn water quality concepts in an entertaining way.

Join us as we explore the properties and uses of an invaluable resource — water.
Each part of the program connects to one or more water quality or environmental topic such as:

Fishin' Magician Amy Short emcees the quiz show "Bobberama."• Three states of water – solid, liquid, gas.
• Locations of water – atmosphere, surface, ground.
• Water cycle and how temperature and gravity power it.
• Necessity of clean water for all living organisms.
• Factors that pollute water.
• Differences between fresh and salt water.
• Many uses of water other than for drinking.
• Concerns for the finite nature of water.
• Water issues effecting people also effect other living organisms.

A curriculum-based program outline is available upon request for use when securing funding such as sponsorships or grants. We combine our educational backgrounds and environmental experiences to create these water quality programs. Amy’s background as an occupational therapist has helped us develop clear educational messages. And Steve’s degrees in psychology, philosophy and counseling guide us when considering the subtle tone of the programs. We are volunteer naturalists with the Missouri Department of Conservation — Amy since 1989 and Steve since 2003. As lifelong learners, we have participated in Project Wet, Project Tree, Project Wild and Stream Team training and activities and use those experiences to enhance the water quality programs.


“The great thing about The Fishin’ Magicians is that
their programs are 100% educational.”
Ms. Rogers, Science Teacher

“They have important educational elements in their presentation.
And best of all, they keep everyone entertained.”
College President

“I couldn’t believe it when they picked me to help in the show.
I had an awesome time.”
Chris, Fourth Grade Student

“It is always a pleasure to have you here and THANK YOU for the wonderful job you do.
The kids love watching your performance.”
Lisa Dover, Etowah County Alabama Water Festival

“Thank you so very much for your awesome presentations! I think you hooked your audience based on the positive comments I heard from teachers throughout the day,
but of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from The Fishin’ Magicians.”
Sara Turner, Missouri Department of Conservation

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Alabama Counties –
Autaugua, Baldwin, Blount, Chilton, Colbert, Cullman, Etowah, Jefferson, Lee, Limestone, Madison,
Mobile, Montgomery, St. Clair, Shelby, Sumter-Marengo, Talladega, Washington
Missouri Counties –
Barry, Bates, Christian, McDonald, Newton, Stone, Taney

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