Reviews – Steve

You were absolutely spectacular! Everyone was so impressed by you and your talent. You were the highlight of the evening! Thank you for making it special for our Pack! I will most definetly post on facebook and would also like to write a letter for you to post on your website if you so wish. I have some great pics of you I will send as well.
Thank you for all your generosity! I will be referring you to everyone I know.
Tina Noble

It is always a pleasure to have you here and THANK YOU for the wonderful job you do.  The kids loves watching your performance.
Lisa Dover – have another review from her

Thank you two for another job well done. If you ever need a reference we are all in agreement in my office that you would be a big hit.
Steve Lengyel Let’s Go Promotions, Inc.

Our students absolutely loved your presentation.  I was afraid since some of them had seen it before that they would not respond well, but they did.  Thanks so much for coming.
Andrea Cross – Dadeville

Thank you so much for providing wonderful entertainment and a preventive message. I had a teacher tell me your presentation was the best assembly we’ve had. We hope you plan to join us again next year!
Linda Tasset – Wilson’s Creek Counselor

The pleasure was all ours!   All of the students and staff at Purdy enjoy the performance that you share with us each time you come to our school. I laugh every time you do the magic act and to see the smiles and our students laugh makes me feel so lucky I am a part of it all. I will be looking forward to seeing you again in a couple years.
Gary Jurgensen – Counselor, Purdy R II School District

We at always LOVE to have you two come to perform for us.  You are truly wonderful for sharing your talents with us.  As you saw, even the older students remember ‘The magic of NO’ and continue to want to see it again!  Thank you!Lisa Corbitt – Counselor, Everton

You guys did a great job! I will leave the banner in our office for you to pick up.  🙂  Again, thanks for coming to our school. We really appreciate it!
Jill Halsey, Counselor, McCulloch Elementary School, Republic

Thank you for coming. Our students and staff truly enjoyed it. We will definitely have you back!!!
Allan Brown – Schofield Elementary Principal, Republic