Character Education – “I Can” Programs

Promoting an “I Can” attitude and approach to life
resulting in a healthy self-esteem.
Inspiring students to persevere,
discover unique talents and make wise choices.
School program with The Fishin' Magicians

The presentation includes motivational messages about self esteem, perseverance and positive character behaviors. We stress seeking positive peer groups, staying in school and working hard to accomplish personal goals. Healthy leisure and stress management activities are identified and encouraged. Schools have used this program prior to and following MAP testing. We have adapted this program to present other messages such as anti-bullying, character words of the month and drug awareness. This program is designed for grades kindergarten through sixth and lasts 30 to 45 minutes.

We strive to be role models for the girls and boys in each audience and consider this a great responsibility. Amy’s work as an occupational therapist and Steve’s work using his master’s degree in counseling psychology provide the foundation for our educational programs which we have presented for nearly 35 years to thousands of students.