How Books Changed My Life

Steve Craig shares his early memories about books and magic.

Steve Craig of The Fishin' Magicians wore out his first copy of this book and now has two.At the age of 12, I was amazed and thrilled to see my first magic tricks. After my friend taught me how he did those card tricks, I worked for hours and days with my small hands to perfect my primitive skills. And then I wanted to learn more. Magic resources were not at the click of a mouse in those days so I visited my local library. Eventually, I had checked out, read and learned magic from every book available to expand my early repertoire. Soon I began to perform for audiences and even began to earn some money. Although I graduated from college with another career in mind, I returned to magic as my life’s work. I still use the magic principles and skills I learned from The Amateur Magician’s Handbook that I repeatedly checked out many years ago although now I have my own very worn copy.